Reciprocal Agreements with Other States

Reciprocity means that your completion of certification requirements in New York State will enable you to get certification in these states without further academic work unless the state to which you apply requires a graduate degree/study for the initial certification.

If you are interested in certification requirement in other states, go to that state’s Education web page for specific information. When you request certification in a state that has reciprocity with New York State, they will send you a packet of information that will outline what you will need to complete in order to receive certification in that particular state.

The following states have reciprocity with New York State:

Alabama Arizona Arkansas
California Colorado Connecticut
Delaware Florida Georgia
Hawaii Idaho Illinois
Indiana Kentucky Louisiana
Maine Maryland Massachusetts
Michigan Mississippi Montana
Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey
New Mexico North Carolina Ohio
Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania
Puerto Rico Rhode Island South Carolina
Tennessee Texas Utah
Vermont Virginia Washington
West Virginia    
Additional reciprocities with:
Puerto Rico, District of Columbia, Department of Defense Dependent School systems
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