BA in English

Houghton offers a major in English, leading to a BA degree, and a minor.  The English major focuses on developing critical and creative thinking, writing, and research skills through the study of literature.

The required coursework for the English major provides a solid introduction to a variety of genres from different literary eras while also helping students develop research, writing, and analytical skills.  All English majors take Critical Approaches to Literature and a topically-focused seminar course. The major also requires students to take at least one course focused a single major author, one course devoted to works written before 1800, and one devoted to works written after 1800.  Students complete the major by taking English electives from a wide range of optional courses representing major literary eras and perspectives.  Student wishing to emphasize writing in their English major can take Literary Non-Fiction and up to two writing courses as electives in their English major.

The English minor requires the student Critical Approaches to Literature and English elective courses totaling 16 credit hours.

Required Courses
ENGL 301 Critical Approaches to Literature
One ENGL course before 1800 4
One ENGL course after 1800 4
ENGL 335/350 Major Author 4
ENGL 418 Senior Capstone: Seminar 4
For the additional 5 courses, choose 1 of the following options

Option One: Literature Emphasis

  • Three literature courses and two courses in literature or writing

Option Two: Writing Emphasis

  • WRIT 214 Literary Non-Fiction
  • 8 hours of ENGL and 8 hours of WRIT

English Major BA, 40 hours

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