BA in Writing

The writing major emphasizes the foundational craft of prose composition and gives students interested in creative writing the opportunity to work with experienced faculty who have published fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction. Classes in Professional Writing and Print Journalism give students practice in writing for the workplace with assignments that are designed for writing in a rapidly changing digital context. All writing classes feature workshops in which students work collaboratively and practice editing skills.

The writing major works well as a double-major with communications, giving students a broad set of marketable skills and opportunities to explore their creative gifts.

English and Writing majors can work collaboratively and practice applied writing and editing skills by working as consultants in the Writing Center (paid, work-study positions) and writing and editing student publications: the Houghton College Star (weekly newspaper) and the Lanthorn (literary magazine).

Three courses are required for the major. Literary Nonfiction (WRIT 214) is the foundation course and should be taken during the sophomore year. Writer's Workshop (WRIT 401) is the capstone course and should be taken during the senior year.

Required Courses
WRIT 214 Literary Non-Fiction  4
 WRIT 401 Writer's Workshop 4
Additional WRIT courses 16
Additional English courses, labeled 216 and above 12
Writing Major BA, 36 hours
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