BA in Writing

Houghton offers both a major and a minor in writing. The writing curriculum is designed to fit the goals of an undergraduate liberal arts college. It emphasizes the foundation craft of prose composition. Students interested in creative writing are able to work with experienced faculty who have published fiction and poetry.

Students interested in journalism are able to work with faculty who regularly publish prose and are featured columnists for The Reporter, Allegany County’s daily newspaper. All students are encouraged to bring to their craft academic and spiritual interests that will prepare them for a range of careers demanding writing skills. Recent graduates hold academic appointments, fill editorial positions, work as journalists, and are self-employed freelancers. Others have used their skills indirectly and work in industry, the church, and other careers.

The writing major consists of 36 semester hours of writing at the 214 level and above. It includes three literature courses numbered 216 and above. The writing minor consists of 16 semester hours of writing at the 214 level and above.

Three courses are required for the major. Literary Nonfiction (WRIT 214) is the foundation course and should be taken during the sophomore year. Writer's Workshop (WRIT 401) is the capstone course and should be taken during the senior year. 

Required Courses
WRIT 401
WRIT 214
Six Writing Courses Including:
Writer's Workshop (4 hours)
Literary Non-Fiction (4 hours)
  Three literature courses numbers 216 and above  12
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