Why English and Writing at Houghton?

Join a Community of Creative People

English and Writing students at Houghton study in small classes with established or emerging writers and scholars, working collaboratively with faculty and fellow students.  We workshop our writing, complete research projects, and edit publications.  We reflect together on the dynamic role of language in history, culture, and faith.

Join an Incarnational Celebration

Literature and writing allow us to explore our human condition and brokenness. They also call us into the celebration of God’s abundant grace, manifested in nature, in the creative arts, in community, and in our capacity for compassion. 

Join the Fellowship of Imagination and Empathy

Literature allows us to engage consciously, creatively, and intuitively with others across the distances of geography and time.  While the study of literature and writing develops analytical and rhetorical skills, it also challenges us to develop empathy and compassion, understanding our shared humanity through stories.

Join in Framing the Questions

Literature explores questions that have always mattered: questions about human identity and relationships, about life and death, about God.  The study of writing and literature teaches us what these questions are and how to ask them.

Join in the Quest for Truth

As imaginative and faithful people we seek stories and images that embody our deepest sense of God’s grace.  Literary scholarship and creative writing challenge us to enlarge our vision and affirm our faith by engaging the great writers, thinkers, and ideas of the past and present.

Join us in Serious Play

While our work as writers and scholars it is not easy, it is at heart a form of serious play.  By delighting in the pleasure of language itself, we develop God’s image in us and our capacity for pleasure in God’s creation.

Join us in Transforming Culture

English and Writing majors at Houghton are preparing to impact the classroom, the church, and the local and global community.  By strengthening intellectual curiosity and encouraging flexible problem-solving, the study of literature and writing has led our graduates to make a difference in ways both great and small, as teachers, editors, college professors, novelists, missionaries, preachers, lawyers, and more.

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