Shared Vision
The science initiative for Houghton College

People are the reason Houghton’s program is strong and vibrant. One hundred percent of our science and mathematics faculty hold doctoral degrees from the leading universities in the country, including MIT, Cornell, The University of Florida, Colorado State University, Duke University and the University of California, Davis. These talented young faculty are incredible teachers and scholars, mentoring students, actively writing grants and publishing academic papers. Houghton faculty and students have authored over 90 journal articles and technical presentations in the last two and one-half years. They have received over $150,000 in grants and college support for collaborative student-faculty research including operation of the Summer Research Institute. More than 3,000 Houghton alumni in the sciences and mathematics are serving around the world as cardiologists, epidemiologists, dentists, chemists, professors, teachers, veterinarians, engineers, mathematicians, and ecologists. We are resolved to continue this proud tradition by ensuring that future generations of Houghton scientists have access to the resources they need.

Today almost 40 percent of all college-bound high school students intend to major in a field of science or mathematics. President Obama has issued a challenge to our nation to produce over 100,000 additional STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) teachers and over 1,000,000 additional scientists and engineers in the next decade.

The Houghton Difference

Houghton College produces scientists and mathematicians who exhibit excellence in technology, research, communication and rational thinking, as well as a breadth of knowledge based on national and international standards. Houghton graduates also have deep faith. They are equipped to bring spiritual and physical healing globally through the Gospel and technology. They are also prepared to be leaders within The Church. The scientific community also needs the light of the Gospel. There are an estimated 150 million scientists and engineers in the world today, many of whom hold agnostic or atheistic life philosophies. They need Christian colleagues with a biblical worldview to join them as they address the significant questions of creation, life, humanity, the beginning and end of life, quality of life, and health treatment questions.

A Firm Foundation

Houghton College’s reputation for excellence in science and pre-medical education dates back to the 1940s. Our program has been built on a solid foundation of dynamic, committed faculty with outstanding academic credentials; strong personal bonds of mentoring and advising; excellence in teaching in small class settings; collaborative research opportunities; proven placement in the best medical and graduate schools in the nation; and investment in cutting-edge facilities and equipment.

A Bold Vision

Within the next 10 years, Houghton College desires to develop the premier national undergraduate natural science and mathematics division amongst Christian colleges of similar size. We are committed to offer a program in the sciences that is adapted to our diverse, technological culture. It must prepare our graduates to be competitive in the global economy and to adapt to rapidly changing job markets. Rigorous scientific and mathematical training in currently relevant scientific fields is required to position our graduates for entry into the national and international professional and graduate programs of their choice.

The world continues to change, and in order to reach the next level of excellence, we must shape our programs around currently relevant fields of study in the health and life sciences, engineering and the fertile interfaces between traditional areas of study, such as physics and biology, or biochemistry and psychology. To do so, we must provide state-of-the-art facilities and equipment adapted to these crossdisciplinary fields and attract faculty inspired by the thrill of training students who will influence these fields of research and service. We need classrooms where students combine theories of physics with principles of biology to solve a problem in medicine or psychology, and labs where students transfer concepts into solutions or failures into breakthroughs, while developing as scientists. We need offices for faculty who are nationally recognized scholars in these unique cross-disciplinary areas. In parallel, we must enhance our scholarship endowment to effectively attract talented Christian students from the broadest possible socio-economic, racial and cultural backgrounds.

"These facilities allow Houghton to be a place where students, who feel called to be scientists, may do science with a spirit of excellence and love for God’s creation."

-Shirley A. Mullen ’76, President

Houghton College is committed to the development of deeply Christian servantleaders in the sciences and science-related professions, who are exceptionally trained, broadly educated, and globally aware.

A Shared Vision

On October 8, 2011, we dedicated a $4.1 million, 16,098-square-foot update to the Paine Science Center – with no debt incurred! We thank God and the many faithful individuals who generously supported this endeavor. Now we desire to move forward with the second phase of our Science Initiative.

Phase II | $12 million

Construction | $10 Million

The second phase of the Science Initiative will include 16 teaching labs, nine classrooms, 12 student research labs, 25 faculty offices and a fourstory atrium. The facilities will allow us to grow the program and add students and faculty for cross-disciplinary programs in the health sciences, engineering or related fields.

Endowment | $2 Million

Also included in our goal is the continued commitment of dollars to endowment in the form of student scholarships and an endowed chair. The scholarships will enable students with the intellect and motivation from all socio-economic and cultural backgrounds to pursue a Houghton education. Please prayerfully consider this valuable opportunity. Your partnership is essential, and your participation and investment will pay dividends for generations to come. For more information or to speak with a gift officer, please contact the Advancement Office.

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