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For over 130 years, the Houghton College mission has remained the same. Today, as in 1883, Houghton offers an academically challenging, Christ-centered education in the arts and sciences to students from diverse traditions and economic backgrounds. Meet Michael, a current Houghton student following God’s call on his life through the support of generous friends and alumni like you.

Help us celebrate his story with a special gift to the Houghton College Student Scholarship Fund today. Every dollar provided directly funds a Houghton student’s education. By partnering with us you help advance the Houghton mission to grow scholar-servants for a world in need.

Emily Vandenbosch '19

Growing up in a small town in Western New York, Emily Vandenbosch never believed that attending a four-year residential college was in the cards. No one in her family had ever attended a four-year college, and she knew significant scholarship aid was a necessity. After high school, Emily intended to focus on graphic arts and computer science in a trade school, but when she started working with the 4-H extension office, Emily realized to do what she really loved— using art to explore new ideas, share information with others, and mentor students—she would need a college degree.

At Houghton, Emily discovered the ideal program (Communication with a focus in Media Arts & Visual Communication) and saw a chance to fulfill her travel dreams through the London Honors program. “In high school, I started telling people I was going to travel. Participating in London was a way for me to say ‘I told you I was going to do these things, and now I really am.’”

Emily’s experience in London helped her understand the impact of Western culture on her personal identity. “London taught me to think outside of my North American mindset and wrestle with new, unexpected solutions to solve global issues as well as [how to live] in a context of cultural differences. Living in the city and [amid] such a vibrant culture sparked [in me] a passion for encouraging and sustaining vibrant community, which can only be done if members know how to properly communicate [with] and care for each other.”

Emily has dreams of using her skills in communications and media to instill confidence in others about God’s “immeasurable power to radically transform our world today, one small and practical step at a time.” She desires to use digital and traditional arts to affect change in the world by advocating for practical environmental reforms, realistic healthy lifestyle changes, and effective and efficient aid for underprivileged groups. Emily doesn’t know exactly what that looks like, but she plans to work primarily with students, teaching and mentoring them through art both in the classroom and in extracurricular programs. “[God] is guiding my steps. I live only to serve Him and steward the interests and talents He has given me, in whatever capacity that may be.”

Emily’s story is one that unearths the very roots for the founding of Houghton College: providing an accessible, affordable and high-quality education for young women and men regardless of their economic background. Your gift to the Student Scholarship Fund allows you to actively participate in the formation of young people like Emily, who are inspired and prepared to positively IMPACT the world for the Kingdom of God.

Please make a gift today to the Student Scholarship Fund to help Emily and others experience the IMPACT of a transformational Houghton College education.

Faculty Quote

“I remember the day I met Emily. She was on campus for an honors recruitment weekend. There was no one in the room more visibly excited about the idea of our honors semester in London. Even so, I doubted we were going to get Emily to Houghton. London obviously meant a lot to her, but she was up in the air about whether she’d go to Houghton or to college at all. I’m so grateful she did. She was a