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A degree in history from Houghton College will develop your skills in reading, writing, research, methodology, and analysis.  Understanding the present by examining the past is not easy. In whatever sphere – politics, religion, culture, economics, social relations – the study of past human experience requires research, analysis, interpretation, organization, and communication. But in return you will gain a valuable perspective on our contemporary situation and develop disciplined habits of mind which hold a central place at a Christian liberal arts college.




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The Christian Distinctive

We believe that the study of history is facilitated by Christian faith, and that our understanding of the Christian faith is enhanced by historical study. In a relativistic world, history can give us a longer, larger perspective on enduring truths. Central to our mission is the use of historical lenses to investigate vital questions about who we are, what we believe, why we believe, and the meaning of human existence.

Study history at a top Christian college History Faculty

Faculty within the history department all hold Ph.D. degrees and are published research historians who have made a commitment to undergraduate teaching as well as to historical research. They know that your development as a thinking person takes their time and careful guidance; at Houghton the student comes first. Second, our professors in all fields take seriously the application of Christian faith to their academic disciplines. Our history faculty works hard at examining history from a Christian perspective.

After Houghton

Acquiring historical knowledge and related skills has practical value. What employer is not looking for persons who have been carefully trained to think, research, and communicate? What employer would not appreciate employees who, because of undergraduate training in the broadest, most interdisciplinary of all academic fields, possess a “sense of the whole?”

Some Houghton College history majors teach at the elementary, secondary or college level. Some are lawyers; others work in business and industry. Some graduates are journalists, writers, ministers, or physicians. Others pursue careers in historical preservation, museum management or public history. One is even a Benedictine monk. The list is almost endless. In fact, if you major in history, the real question is, what do you want to do after Houghton?

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