Augmented History Major

Major: 36 hours & Minor: 16 Hours

The history major involves a strong liberal arts concentration. The major provides excellent background for careers in law, the ministry, public administration, government service, college and secondary teaching, business, foreign service, and preparation for archivists, museum curators, historic site specialists, librarians, editors, and writers.

No more than 2 of the courses marked by an (*) count toward the major30
ECON 201 Intro to Economic 2
HIST XXX American History 4, 4
HIST XXX European History 4, 4
HIST XXX Non-European, non-American History 4, 4
POLS 220 American Political System 4
PLUS 8 hours in either8
HIST XXX History Elective 4
HIST 481 Senior Capstone: Senior History Seminar 4
POLS XXX Political Science Elective (must be 300 or 400 level) 4
POLS 480 Senior Capstone: Senior Politics Seminar 4

Augmented History Major, 38 hours

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