Homecoming & Family Weekend: Attending Alumni

Class of 1982
Faith Brautigam
Betsy (Lundell) and Chris Carosa
Michael and LeAnn Childs
Mary (Morley) and Ben ('80) Colter
Debra (Jaekley) and Greg Davis
Janet (Johnson '83) and Pascal Devaux
Martha Manikas-Foster and W. David ('80) Foster
Cindy (Royston) Fraser
Diane Cornell-McCoy and Michael McCoy
Ellen (McDonald) and Vic Moran
Andrew Mullen
Nancy (Graham '84) and Jim Sery
Sandie (Ellenberger) and Steve Weise
Margaret (Martino) and Dale ('84) Wright
Class of 1987
Samantha (Barrett) Briggs
Kathryn (Wilmot) Lowmaster
Shirley Tuttle-Malone
Class of 1992
Andrea Adams
Linda (Mullen) and Rod Bixler
Michelle (Lowne) and Andrew ('91) Bontempo
Peggy (Belcher) and Andrew ('91) Brimer
Bill and Kelly Burrichter
Darren and Sara (Witmeyer '94) Chick
Michele Dahl
Martha (Getman) DiMaio
Cheryl (Draper) and Jeff Fox
Chad and Lisa (Hill '90) Groff
John and Alisa (Dellonte) Hall
Karen (McKnight) and Shawn ('89) Hotchkiss
Katherine (Turner) and David Liddle
Keith and Amaris (Orlemann '94) Lynip
Scott and Alicia (Davis) McGeorge
Kirk Milligan
Sharon (Hibbard) Mulligan
Doug ('91) and Karen Pereira
Eric ('91) and Beth (Arneson '95) Ramoth
Judith Rapley-Waterman 
Jason Rienhardt
Matthew and Kerry (Harker-Roth '91) Roth 
Deb (Pollard) Ulrich
Bethann (Mitchell) and Michael Vinnacombe
Elizabeth (Oswalt) West
Lynn Zettlemoyer
Biran ('93) and Debbie (Perry '89) Zimmerman
Class of 1997
David and Anna Adams
Angela (Keppen '98) and Jeffrey ('96) Babbitt
Michael ('96) and Rhoda (Antolick '96) Burgett
Christine (Fitzgerald) Falke
Melvin and Amanda (Chase '98) Foster
Heidi (Brautigam) Kaminski
John and Katy (Allison '05) Lyon
Melanie (Montanari) Russey
Christine (Forster '96) and Joel Tom ('95) Tate
Class of 2002
 Ryan Fitzgerald ('01) and Kimberly Bradway
Jonathan and Rebekah (Baney '01) Brennan
Rachel Kanzer
 Lori Miranda
Class of 2007
Maria Albert
Christopher and Andrea (O'Bryant) Alberts
Katie (Brown '06) and Tim Barna
Stacy (Garber) and Ryan Bausch
Grace (Essley) and Daniel Black
Kathleen (Matthews) and Matthew Brady
Kelly (McDermott) and Mark Brown
Raquel (Hill) and Todd Bryant
James and Amanda (Weldon) Burleigh
Sarah (Brown) Carson
Sarah (Allen) Cleghorn
Dianna and Robert Cooper
Melissa (Garver) and David Danford
Heather (Hutton) and Tim Elliott
David Ford
Natalie (Wenger) and Brandon Groff
Leigh (Kanski) and Jonathan ('05) Haley
Meghan (Clark) and Scott Miller
Emily (Cassell) and Luke Mortenson
Adam Potter
Dan and Hilary (Brautigam) Sahli
Kristen (Voorhees '05) and Souly Sanasith
Christy (MacBeth) Simon
Matt and Elizabeth (Wisniewsky) Sinesi
Stephanie Smith
Joe and Bethany (Eastlack) Stempert
Christine (Pszonak) and Jacob ('06) Studioso
Kelly (Nuffer) Turck
Joelle (Potts) and Duane VanEtten
Andrea (Laird) and Jesse Velarde
Vincent and Kimberly (Gehl) Wagner
Adrienne Willhoft
Class of 2012
Greg and Jess Antonow
Kate Balon
Djenaba Bell
Kaiden ('13) and Victoria (Mullen '13) Bowers
Sarah (Fernald) and Paul Bridges
Aimee Bush
Erin Carr
Melinda (Ramey) and William ('13) Clunn
Courtney Coiro
Sarah Cooper
Nick Fredette
Ian and Kimberly Gates
Mark Gibbons ('13)
Matthew Gibbons
Victoria (Blair) and Wesley Johnston
Michael LaScala
Melissa Leinenbach ('13)
Allyson Loretz ('13)
Brittany McGillick
Zachary and Kimberly (Michlich '13) Miller
Jacob and Jeanna Moyer
Paul and Kelsey (Shaw) Murphy
Nathen Pember and Valerie Briggs
Monica Sandreczki
Philip and Juliet Schmidt
Petar Serafimovski
Jonathan Slye
Nathanael Smith
Emily (Gaerte) and Michael Spateholts
Aaron and Jacqueline Stary
Lauren (Del Mauro) and Gabriel ('11) Stegen
Zina Teague
Megan Toombs
Meredith Toombs
Sarah Wangai and Iani Dunbar
Class of 2017