Global Studies Department

The mission of the global studies department is to prepare Christians to respond to key problems of global concern in culturally relevant ways that follow Kingdom principles.

The department offers three majors. Intercultural studies and international development both draw heavily on the methodologies and perspectives of anthropology and related social sciences, integrating the theory of cross-cultural development work with experiential learning in cross-cultural settings. These majors will provide competence for students seeking to serve in such fields as community development, relief work, health services, education, missions and Bible translation in developing countries, multicultural contexts in the U.S., and the inner-city context.

We seek to provide an intellectual environment that facilitates mastery of foreign languages and linguistics. We offer a major in Spanish, a concentration and minor in linguistics, and the introductory study of French and German. All majors and minors prepare students for today’s multicultural job market and mutual learning across cultures. Intercultural studies and international development majors are required to have an intercultural experience or field practicum, and Spanish majors are required to study in a Spanish-speaking country.