Intercultural Studies Major

The Intercultural Studies Major seeks to prepare students to serve effectively as scholar-servants in cross-cultural communities. The major, drawing heavily on the methodologies and perspectives of anthropology and related social sciences, integrates the theory of cross-cultural development work with experiential learning in cross-cultural settings. This major will provide competence for students seeking to serve in such fields as community development, relief work, health services, education, missions, and Bible translation in developing countries and inner-city context.

The major consists of a 30-hour core of courses plus either an optional concentration or 6-8-hours of electives.


Intercultural Studies Major BA, 26-54 hours (depending on Concentration)

Required CoursesCredits
INCL 201 Introduction to Global Issues 3
INCL 243 Cultural Anthropology 3
INCL 310 Intercultural Competencies 3
INCL 311 Intercultural Experience 0-4
Conversation-level Language 0-4
INCL 346 Governance and Development or POLS 345 Community Organization and Development or ANTH 315 Human Ecology
INCL 350 Culture Change or LING 312 Sociolinguistics or INCL 442 Globalization & Islamization 4
INCL 482 Senior Capstone: Intercultural Seminar 3
Total 20-28
Electives (any course listed in the concentrations or listed but not taken as part of the core.)Credits
 Students are expected to choose electives through advising.  Any courses from the department, concentrations, or study abroad can be considered. 6-8

Intercultural Experience

For many the highlight of the Intercultural Studies major is the required intercultural experience. This ‘intercultural experience’ is designed to be a flexible and practical cross-cultural experience, allowing you to put into practice the training you received in cross-cultural ministry.

You will work under the supervision of members of the Houghton faculty who have had extensive experience and training in intercultural studies, missions, linguistics and development work. They will work with you to provide the best location and right type of training for the work and service you desire most. You can do a formal overseas study program, an internship, or a variety of other types of specially arranged programs.

You can learn more about Houghton's Off-Campus Programs by clicking here.

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