Missions Minor

Houghton College has a long tradition of our students going on to serve God’s kingdom in missions. From the early 1900s until today, our alumni are all around the world sharing Christ’s love in diverse ministries including teaching the Bible, development, evangelism and medical work. 

Students taking the missions minor have majored (or double-majored) in everything from Bible, music and psychology to education and more. Other minor options for missions careers include international development, linguistics, TESOL and Islamic studies. Everything about Houghton—the faculty, the missions representatives, the students, and the general campus and community ethos—points to excellent preparation for missions.

Most students who minor in missions will include the highly recommended Cross-Cultural Field Experience in addition to the regular coursework.

Minor: 15–16 hours

Required Courses


MISS 241 - History of the Global Christian Movement orTHEL 220 History of Christianity


MISS 242 - Missions and the Global Church


MISS 341 - Biblical and Theological Foundations of Mission, MISS 342 - Contextualization in Missions and/or MISS 243 - Introduction to Missiological Foundations



Religion course focusing on major religions such as Islam, Buddhism, or traditional relgions. May be on campus or through off-campus study approved through advising (e.g. a Go-Ed religion course).

INCL 310 - Intercultural Competencies or appropriate course from INCL, MISS, THEL prefix, through advisement of INCL chair.