Missions at Houghton

Is God calling you into Missions Service?

Houghton College has a long tradition of our students going on to serve God’s Kingdom in missions.  From the early 1900s until today our alums are all around the world sharing Christ’s love in diverse ministries including teaching the Bible, Development, Evangelism, and Medical work.  Given that there is not one set type of missions work, Houghton offers a variety of programs of study that prepare for this service.  At the core of all, stands Houghton’s integration of faith into whatever major one takes.  There are required classes in Bible and Theology, as well as opportunities to grow spiritually and begin to reach out to others while a student.  This can be done with in many ways from local children who need a big brother/big sister to refugees in Buffalo who need a friend to teach them English.

Ways to prepare academically for missions:

  • The Intercultural Studies major with a missions concentration prepares you to interact with the culture and gain a solid foundation in missions studies.   
  • Students who major in other areas can prepare with a Missions minor.  You can also consider an Intercultural Studies minor.

Depending on your calling, each of these venues will effectively prepare to serve across cultures.

For more info on each visit the Course Catalog

Additionally there are opportunities to learn practically and spiritually through the student group Global Christian Fellowship, interaction with missionaries in residence, participating in New Vision Week—a multiple day focus on missions when mission organizations have reps on campus, and more.

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