A major in Spanish from Houghton College will prepare you for the ever-increasing workplace demand for Spanish fluency.

Mastering another language leads to many opportunities in today’s global marketplace, and the ability to communicate with respect and cultural understanding in more than one language is an essential element of global competence. Regardless of vocation, students who study a world language are better equipped to reach out and serve those who speak a language other than English.

The vision of the Spanish major is to facilitate communicative fluency in Spanish so that, no matter your calling in life, you will be better prepared to impact society by building relationships across languages and cultures as a globally engaged scholar-servant. Houghton College maintains a long tradition of world language study, and the excellent preparation you will receive in the Spanish program can open the door to a variety of careers. One of the highlights of the program is the required semester abroad in a Spanish-speaking country.

Recently, many students have enriched their career potential by majoring in Spanish and one of the following majors: adolescent education, art, communication, psychology/sociology, business administration, math, political science, writing, intercultural studies or biology.

Why Major in Spanish?

  • Practice what you’ve learned in the classroom through the required semester abroad in countries such as Spain, Colombia, Mexico, Costa Rica and Argentina.
  • Prepare for today’s multicultural world through both rigorous theoretical study and hands-on, experiential learning opportunities.
  • Integrate global engagement into every aspect of your education.

Study with faculty who have extensive experience living, working and serving in cross-cultural settings around the world, and integrate these experiences into the classroom

Major Requirements

Spanish major (BA)

Study Abroad

Students gain valuable language and cross-cultural experience through semester-long, summer and Mayterm study-abroad programs. Spanish majors are required to spend a semester studying in a Spanish-speaking country and can complete this requirement through a variety of nationally recognized programs and institutions of Christian higher education. Options to study abroad include

Experiential Learning

The Spanish major at Houghton offers students many experiential learning opportunities. Students develop communicative skills through

  • Dynamic classroom experience
  • Personal interaction with highly qualified professors
  • Conversation groups
  • Language clubs
  • Interaction with native speakers
  • Live worldwide Spanish and French TV
  • Mayterm and semester study abroad

What are some recent houghton graduates doing?

  • Teaching in Guatemala
  • Teaching at Alliance Academy in Quito, Ecuador
  • Working at the Department of Defense
  • Working as a Spanish interpreter, Connecticut Judicial Branch
  • Working as a live-in hostess, Immerse International House, Lancaster, PA
  • Teaching high school Spanish
  • Pursuing (or completed) master’s degrees in areas such as applied linguistics and Spanish education