Comparison with Other Institutions on Key Academic Indicators

Updated September, 2015

Mission-oriented thinking requires objectivity: an honest assessment of how an institution is doing, where it is heading, and its alignment with its mission. The following eight academic indicators compare Houghton with the other 12 institutions of the Christian College Consortium (CCC).   The academic indicators focus on areas that are measurable and can be found in U.S. News & World Report's publication,   America's Best Colleges.

There is no right or wrong value for any indicator.  It is important  to know our position relative to peer institutions, and then to understand the reasons for disparities. These academic  indicators provide a framework for understanding better our academic characteristics and for taking steps to improve the institution.

1. Percentage of First Year Students in Top 10% of High School Class

5. Student/Faculty Ratio

2. Percentage of First Year Students in the Top 25% of High School Class

6. Percentage of Full Time Faculty and Percent Having Terminal Degrees

3. SAT Scores of First Year Students at the  25th and 75th Percentiles

7. First Year Student Retention Rate

4. Size of College Classes

8. Graduation Rate