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Last summer my wife, Becky (Keene ’91) Ashley, and I dropped our daughter Karah off at Houghton for the rocks and ropes camp. On the way back home we stopped in to see Dr. Wolfe. Over lunch he floated the idea of my coming along to help drive for the field portion of his ecology of Alaska mayterm course. My wife and daughters were quick to encourage me to go and assured me that they would handle chores while I would be away.

The trip was absolutely amazing! It was great to watch Dr. Wolfe teach, nurture, and interact with the students. It was inspiring to watch him not only pass on knowledge but to lead students to make their own connections with the concepts. Learning how to process and apply new information is, I think, a big part of what Houghton is all about.

The students bonded quickly and developed into a closely knit group. It was a joy to see!

We had a wonderful 2,000-mile journey through Alaska. The trip has inspired an invaluable sense of wonder of not only the Glory of God and the vastness of His creation but also His love for us! I would encourage all alumni to reconnect with Houghton and those professors who have given so much of themselves to empower you to serve God. Who knows what great opportunity may come your way?

–Eric Ashley ’90

Eric and Becky live on a poultry farm in Lancaster, Pa., where Eric is an agricultural engineer with Natural Resources Conservation Service and Becky is an administrative assistant at Lancaster Mennonite School. Their daughters are Karah (17) and Calla (12).