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I received many encouraging reader responses to our Fall/Winter 2013 “All Alumni Notes” issue. Feedback is always appreciated, including ways we can continue to improve the magazine for the benefit of all of our readers. While this issue returns to a more traditional format, alumni news and notes remain an important component of each magazine. As this month’s reader comments illustrate, all forms of news from alumni and friends doing all sorts of things are welcome for submission. I look forward to hearing your feedback on this current issue of Houghton as we address two critically important topics in our society today.

–Jeff Babbitt ’96


We make every effort to ensure that information presented within this publication is accurate and timely. The following notes are corrections or clarifications for the Fall/Winter 2013 issue of Houghton.


Paul Watson ’98 was mistakenly listed as class of 1996. He was in the class of 1998 (page 11). Bethany Stobbe ’13’s last name was incorrectly spelled ”Strobbe” (page 13).


The last name “Luckey” was spelled incorrectly for brothers Jim and Tom. Corrected names should read Jim Luckey ’08 and Tom Luckey ’12 (page 19).


Lauren Elizabeth Sahli, daughter of Hilary (Brautigam) and Daniel Sahli ’07, was born September 29, 2012, not in 2007 as was originally published (page 23).


Carrie (Hoffman ’01) Davies was incorrectly listed as “Carrie (Blythe ’01) Davies” (page 33).


I love reading the alumni news. I agree with the editor. When my Milieu came, the first thing I did was read the postings about the alumni. Today, I saw in the magazine that there is a section on retirements. I never thought to write in about my retirement. I think the last thing in my life that was posted was the death of my husband, Mark A. Howard (‘78), in 1996. A lot has happened since then…I would be very happy if you would post my retirement news. Retirement, after a full, complete and rewarding career, is amazingly wonderful.
Lynda Reinhardt Howard ’78,
Bemus Point, N.Y.

The newest issue of Houghton magazine appeared in our mailbox on New Year’s Eve – to help us ring in 2014! Overall, I thought this was a great issue! Inspiring to look in on many that I had met at Houghton – Paul Mouw, John Bechtel, Sharon Huff, Karen Greer and one I hadn’t known, courageous Cathy Reese. There were also many promising new faces and families. Congratulations on the scope of this issue. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Marie (Anderson ’64) McCarthy,
Grand Pre, Nova Scotia

I loved the alumni focus of this current issue but must admit that I was annoyed by lack of any place to acknowledge the work-at-home accomplishments of stay-at-home moms (and dads). There’s a section for births, but then after that, it’s as if nothing more happens. Perhaps no one sends in such announcements but I think that’s because there doesn’t seem to be a value placed upon these kinds of announcements. It’s important for Houghton to acknowledge that some of its graduates have taken the lessons we learned there and are using them to contribute to our families and communities — we just aren’t getting paid to do so.
Laura (Judge ’99) Baltazis
Parkville, Md.

I very much enjoyed this special edition. Not sure if there’s ever been an “alumni” edition before but would welcome subsequent ones from time to time. The layout, print size and profusion of photos makes for a pleasant reading experience. An idea for the future: it feels like older or retired faculty and staff are allowed to drift away a bit until we learn of their passing. I (and perhaps others) would welcome more consistent updates on Houghton’s “veterans” whether they stay on in the community after retirement or move far away. So many of these good people – faculty and staff alike – have had positive impacts on us during the student years. Tell us where they are now, what they’re up to, how they are, get their memories of Houghton and so on.
Mark Cerbone ’78
Buffalo, N.Y.