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Your comments, corrections and suggestions for Houghton are most welcome. We reserve the right to edit comments for length, clarity and style. You may contact us by any of the following means:



I’m a graphic designer, so my comments come from a professional understanding of the process of design. I like the overall simple design structure. It’s understated and feels spacious. I like the large photos, and the creative design of article titles. However, I find the text font a little bit difficult to read. It seems to be a lighter grey, not black, which I know is the modern style. But the font size is too small using that shade of grey. A lot of alumni like myself now have eyesight that’s not as good as it used to be (How many of us use reading glasses?). Without undermining the overall look and feel of the design, I think you can make the font one or two points larger and that would help a lot of people. Otherwise, great design! I learn by looking at the design features you use. Shari Gilford ’87, Portland, Ore.

Editor’s note: We’ve received a number of comments concerning the size and color of the font used in recent issues. We’re trying something new with the font in this issue with the hope that it is more readable. We welcome continued feedback on this and other matters. Thank you! Looks beautiful! I like the section giving statistics about the new majors, number of Facebook likes, etc. Caroline Hogan ’11, Poultney, Vt.


The old Milieu used to include letters from alumni which I often found very interesting. Perhaps the size of the Houghton constituency now precludes such. Nevertheless, I would enjoy reading reflections from my octogenarian friends as to how today’s Houghton compares, or seems to compare, with the old days! John Van Voorhis ’54, Greenville, S.C.

Editor’s note: What a great idea, John. Letters for possible inclusion in the magazine are welcome any time. These can be submitted via email, postal mail or our online reader survey.


In response to Hannah Hanover’s ’13 article, “The House That Love Built:” I first met Paul and Miggy in 1966 and worked with them on some architectural additions to the mansion. They were then, and have always been, a wonderful inspiration to me of love and devotion to each other, their children and all the children and staff at Melmark. John Hynes, Lancaster, Pa.


We make every effort to ensure that information presented within this publication is accurate and timely. In the Former Faculty/Staff section of In Memoriam of the spring/summer 2013 issue, we incorrectly spelled “Somerville” with an extra “m.” The name should read Roberta (Somerville) Hunting (page 38). Thank you to Fay (Hunting ’46) Bennett for bringing this to our attention.