Issue: Spring/Summer 2013

Calls of Patience and Boldness

Marshall Green



268 Undergraduates

10 Master of Music graduates

57 undergraduates acheived double majors

125 graduated with honors

2 graduates were commissioned as second lieutenants, U.S. Army

Laura White, Jenna Engelhart and Sarah Jacoby

Lydia Strand and William Deitrick

Graduates came from 13 countries including Canada, Ecuador, Honduras, Indonesia, Morocco, Paraguay, Philippines, Russia, South Korea, Tanzania, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States

The Houghton College Class of 2013 celebrated Commencement in the midst of family, friends, faculty, staff, administrators, board of trustees, and members of the Class of 1963. On the morning of Saturday, May 11, 2013, 261 undergraduates and ten master’s students walked across the stage of the John and Charles Wesley Chapel to receive their diplomas and join a group of more than 20,000 individuals around the world who call themselves Houghton alumni.

The Commencement address was given by Dr. Nathan O. Hatch, president of Wake Forest University. Dr. Hatch began his comments by complimenting Houghton College’s rich history and promising future. “Focus on what is set before you,” challenged Dr. Hatch, “my advice is better to master something than dabble in ten different things.” When you have a challenge, learn to master it… no matter how difficult. True strength and character is forged by encountering and dealing with difficulty.”

The senior class gift, an interpretive nature trail on the Houghton greenway, was presented by Sydnie Cunningham ’13. “On behalf of the Houghton College community, I gratefully accept this gift,” said President Mullen. “The tradition of leaving a visible sign of one’s presence as a class on this campus goes back a very long way. This will ensure that we will not forget you.” In addition to the Commencement festivities, Houghton also welcomed members from the class of 1963 for a 50-year reunion. “It was a thrill to host 96 class members and guests for the 50th reunion for the class of 1963,” said Dan Noyes ’93, executive director of alumni relations. “It was an honor to hear their stories of God’s faithfulness, to witness their excitement at renewing relationships that began on the Houghton campus 50 years ago, and to see new connections being made between current students and Houghton alumni.”

In closing the ceremony, President Mullen said, “When you first wake up to the world as a college graduate, commit yourself in the face of any fears you might feel to the twin calls of patience and boldness as you find the next place of challenge and grace that God has prepared for you, knowing that He who brought you to this place has every intention of completing His work until the day of Jesus Christ.”


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