Issue: Spring/Summer 2013

New Administrative Staff

Continuing its commitment to seek accomplished and passionate Christian leaders, Houghton College proudly welcomes five new members to the community.

Robert Pool Vice President for Student Life

Dr. Pool’s preparation extends through his service in student life at Hobart and William Smith Colleges, University of Evansville and Southeast Missouri State University. His ample knowledge, leadership skills and training make him an ideal vice president for student life, as he assesses Houghton’s programs and goals with a fresh perspective and a vision of enriching Houghton’s legacy.

Christ at the Center

“I love to help students creatively solve problems, overcome obstacles and discover the potential God created in them. At Houghton, Christ is at the center of all we do. Before meetings convene to address the problems of the day, we pray. When a student needs help, together we seek God’s direction. Houghton helps students grow in their faith – it is essential and core to our mission.”

Eric Currie Vice President for Enrollment Management

Eric Currie holds a decade of experience within the academic realm, after having served as director of enrollment and student services at Asbury Seminary’s Orlando campus. Houghton College’s reputation of high-quality academic work and thoroughly relational community impressed and attracted Currie, who wished to work in an environment committed to Christian scholarship and relationship.

Engaging the World

“I have already been able to live out my passion at Houghton because it is a place that connects Wesleyan theology, not only within the local area but also around the world. The ability to recruit students and to represent a school that passionately believes in engaging the world for the Kingdom of God places a fire inside me that burns deeply!”

David Smith Vice President for Finance & Planning

David Smith ’73 accepted his role as vice president for finance and planning after having worked for the International Business Machines Corporation almost 39 years. His last 20 years at IBM were spent as an executive, where he managed finance, business operations, customer relations, information systems, product development, and sales.

Giving Back

“I reached a point in my career where I wanted to move from the business world into a place where I could give back – either in ministry or the church. It became clear that God’s next step for me was at Houghton.
My Houghton experience as a student was wonderful, and my deep desire is to keep it a thriving place for my grandkids.”

Michael Jordan Dean of the Chapel

According to Houghton President Shirley Mullen, Dr. Jordan encompasses the combination of academic and pastoral experience, interpersonal skills, and practical wisdom that makes him an excellent fit for Houghton’s next dean of the chapel. Dr. Jordan will partner with the academic and student life leadership to plan Houghton’s Christian educational curriculum and to provide leadership to the students’ spiritual development.

Worship in its Own Right

“My desire for Houghton is to see us understand worship as a spiritual practice in its own right. Too often we think of worship only as our grateful response to God, and not as a discipline He will use to change us as we encounter Him in worship.
I try to reassure worshipers that it’s okay if they’re not “feeling it” on a given day, that God still honors our gift of time and can use the discipline of setting aside time to worship to do amazing work in our hearts.”

Steve Dunmire Director of Church Relations

Dr. Steve Dunmire is an ordained Wesleyan pastor who has served urban, suburban, and rural churches. For the last eight years he has served as senior pastor of North Collins Wesleyan Church, a community which has experienced eight consecutive years of growth. He and his wife, Tammy, are both 2001 graduates of Houghton College.

Called to Houghton

“I love the church, and have loved tackling the challenges of pastoral ministry, but I knew the Lord was calling me back to Houghton this year. I believe this new position allows me to directly connect two of my greatest loves: the church and Houghton College. It is an honor to be a catalyst for developing and nurturing a mutually beneficial relationship between Houghton and the global church in many new, creative, and meaningful ways.”


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