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Phil Nichols ’78 serves on the JESUS Film Project, a gospel translation ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ. A docudrama based on the gospel of Luke, the JESUS Film Project has been esteemed by missionaries as one of the greatest evangelistic tools of all time, unique in that it has already been translated into almost 1,200 languages.

Since joining this passionate effort five years ago, Nichols has moved into the role of South Asia Language Production Manager, a position that allows him to oversee the translation and recording of all the JESUS Film projects.

Already having translated the film into 100 Indian languages, Nichols’ present focus is to translate the JESUS Film into every language of at least 50,000 speakers by 2025. He also oversees the translation of “Magdalena,” the children’s version; “My Last Day,” an animation; and “Following JESUS-India.”

“When I started with the JESUS Film Project,” he states, “I helped with our ’Following JESUSIndia’ project, a video series designed for people of Hindu background to go from just adding Jesus to their list of thousands of gods to embracing Christ alone. In some places, the baptisms have increased 400 percent!” www.jesusfilm.org