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“Thirteen million people hear our show each week, so there’s an amazing chance to inform, to touch, and to contribute to the dialogue. That’s part of what I love about my job.”

As senior supervising producer at National Public Radio’s Morning Edition, Cara Tallo ’00, has the daily opportunity to create two hours of morning radio: to hand pick and dive into unheard stories; to open some doors of information and to close others.

“But I also love just making radio,” Tallo says. “In a world that is constantly barraging us with simultaneous stimuli, the ability to draw someone in with only the power of your words...to communicate so much through the tone, the timbre, the inflection of your voice, feels almost luxurious.”

Radio is what drew Tallo to Houghton. Her involvement at WJSL included recruiting student volunteers, blanketing campus with signs and promotional items, and broadcasting Houghton events for the entire community.

“I think fondly of those days at Houghton,” says Tallo. “The ability to resurrect and shape the news department at WJSL helped me develop skills that I drew on frequently in my early days at NPR.”

Tallo and her husband, Mark ’01, reside in Washington D.C. with their two daughters, Tegan Lee and Sabina Elyse.