Study the complexities of mathematical concepts, proofs and reasoning in a close-knit community with plenty of opportunities for teaching, service and research.

The mathematics major at Houghton provides an academically rigorous environment for you to learn and thrive. The major prepares you to work both collaboratively and independently and develops oral and written communication of mathematics, a combination of content, reasoning and communication that readies you for a wide variety of vocations.

Serve as a teaching assistant, or conduct research alongside your professors. Present your findings at national conferences, and be published in industry journals. Be part of a community of mathematicians that sits down for a weekly math tea with a problem of the week (and baked goods), celebrates Pi Day and holds an annual department picnic.

Graduates pursue graduate school and careers in actuarial science, architecture, computer science, education, finance, industry, the health professions, law and even linguistics.

Why Major in Mathematics?

  • Small class sizes allow for one-on-one interaction with students and faculty members, enhancing the learning experience.
  • Every spring semester, a research seminar course allows students to investigate unsolved mathematics problems in small groups with a professor, applying knowledge to real-world complexities.
  • Research opportunities abound, from independent study courses to the Summer Research Institute.
  • The Science and Math Colloquium allows students to delve deeper and learn more about current research from individuals in the field, explore career and graduate school options, consider ways in which their faith in Christ informs and enriches work within their disciplines, and integrate science and mathematics with other fields of study.
  • The major emphasizes that mathematics is a community endeavor and creative discipline, one that allows us to participate in the creative nature of God.

Major Requirements

Mathematics (BA) major