Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance

Degree Requirements

Music Requirements*71-77
VOIC 301-402 Voice (minimum 16 hours at or above VOIC 401) 28
PIAN 101 Complete piano proficiency benchmarks 1-8 0-6
PERF 385 Junior Recital 0
PERF 485 Senior Capstone: Senior Recital 0
MLT 460 Vocal Literature 2
MUS- Ensembles (with or without credit - 8 semesters) 0
MUS 229 Basic Conducting 2
MUS 329 Choral Conducting 2
MHS 230-380 Music History and Literature I-III 9
MUS 219-220 Foreign Language Diction 2
MUS 250 Music in Christian Perspective 2
MUS 356 Voice Pedagogy 2
MTH 220, 221, 227, 228, 325, 326, 327, 328 Theory and Musicianship 16
Advanced Coursework: Choose at least one of the following MTH courses, for a total of 6 credits:  (6)
MTH 458 Sixteenth Century Counterpoint 3
MTH 462 Form and Analysis 3
MTH 466 Orchestration 3
MTH courses numbered 500 and above, with permission 3
If only one MTH prefix is chosen, the second advanced course may be MHS 490, Topics in Music History. 3
Foreign Language Co-Requisites
The minimum requirement for Vocal Performance majors is 16 hours (or the equivalent) of beginning language, one year each of French (FREN 101, 102) and German (GERM 101, 102). Vocal Performance majors may satisfy these requirements via placement exam, CLEP, or AP exam. Italian language may be substituted for either French or German in extraordinary circumstances. This action must be approved by the Coordinator of Vocal Studies in conjunction with the dean of the Greatbatch School of Music.
Integrative Studies (IS)‡ (Liberal Arts)36
Free Electives12

* See College Music Catalog for specific requirements and course descriptions.

‡ See College Catalog, for a full description of Houghton’s IS requirements for the Bachelor of Music degree.

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