Bachelor of Music with Non-Music Elective Studies

Degree Requirements

This program explicitly permits studies in any academic area (or explicit combination) that comprises a minimum of 18 hours.  If the student elects to complete all major coursework in a discipline, the designation "Major-Level Elective Studies in Discipline Name" will be appropriate.  If the elective course-work constitutes a smaller portion, the designation "Elective Studies in Discipline Name" will be used.

Music Requirements*51-66
INST 201+ Applied Music (minimumn 3 hours at or above INST 401) 15
MUS 229 Basic Conducting 2
MUS 250 Music in Christian Perspective 2
MUS- Ensembles (with or without credit - 8 semesters) 0
MHS 230-380 Music History & Literature I-III 9
PIAN 101 Complete piano proficiency benchmarks 1-8 0-6
MTH 220, 221, 227, 228, 325, 326, 327, 328  Theory and Musicianship 16
Music Electives 7-13
Music Capstone 0-3
Integrative Studies (IS)‡ (Liberal Arts)36
Elective Studies§ (non-music)up to 33


  • Possibilities for the curriculum:
    • Minor in most disciplines, with other electives
    • Double minor
    • Major-level coursework in many disciplines could be completed within the 33 elective hours
  • Any discipline(s):  Minimum 18 hours in any one discipline, must include the academic minor in any discipline offering a minor
  • Possible affinity disciplines:
    • Religion/theology (music in Christian Worship)
    • Intercultural studies (world music, music & missions)
    • Natural sciences (strong music + medical)
    • Business (music business)
    • Psychology and or recreation (music therapy grad studies)
    • Communication (media studies)
    • Humanities (individual interests)
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