Facilities Overview

[1] Music production and recording studio

Houghton’s Avid Pro Tools HDX equipped recording studios allow students to gain real-world experience on the very same equipment that professional studios use in Los Angeles, New York City and Nashville.  Our teaching/learning studios allow students to gain specialized experience in recording, producing and engineering.

[2] Recital Hall

The intimately designed 230-seat recital hall is an ideal venue for smaller performances and workshops.  With general and balcony seating, the audience is positioned for a maximized visual and auditory experience and for dialogue exchange with performers during workshops and lectures.

[3] Instrumental Rehearsal Hall

This rehearsal space is specifically designed to maximize the music education experience.  Equipped with both video and audio recording and playback technology for on-the-fly critiques and adjustments, students can not only hear their performance but view it as well.

[4] Wesley Chapel

The 1,200-seat auditorium serves as a major music performance venue.  Special features include the 47-stop Holtkamp organ designed and built for this auditorium with its 3,153 pipes in 61 ranks, and the Ortlip art mural in the foyer.  Additionally, this facility houses classrooms, practice rooms and Presser Recital Hall. 

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