Chamber Ensembles

Houghton College is pleased to offer a wide variety of chamber music experiences to undergraduate and graduate students. Houghton music students are encouraged to study and perform chamber music as an important part of their development as whole musicians and collaborators. Students gain valuable insight from regular coaching sessions with faculty.  They also experience a vital connection with peers and the chamber music repertoire. Additionally, chamber groups often render a service to the surrounding community as they perform not only in the concert hall, but in community settings such as schools, churches, and homes for the elderly.  

Chamber ensembles in the Gratbatch School of Music include homogeneous studio choirs such as the Flute Ensemble, Clarinet Choir, and Horn Quartet, as well as mixed ensembles such as piano trios and brass quintets. 

The Houghton Brass, Houghton String Quartet, and Harmonie en Bois woodwind ensembles are flagship smaller chamber ensembles made up of outstanding Houghton student and faculty instrumentalists.

In addition to the regular offering of established chamber ensembles, Houghton music faculty regularly coach student ad hoc ensembles, formed according to student interest. These groups range from trios to choirs, instrumental and vocal, and with wide-ranging genre and repertoire possibilities. Please contact the music office for more information.