What the experts are saying

"It is a rarity to hear a college choir that sings with compelling honesty in addition to beautiful sound.  The Houghton College Choir brings much real life and passion to its artistry in every performance it sings...."
James Jordan, Professor and Senior Conductor, Westminster Choir College

“…sets the standard for high-quality choral artistry.”
Justin Smith, LCOB USA

“… an experience not to be missed, and one is guaranteed to leave a performance with a freer heart, and an open mind.“
Erica J. Washburn, New England Conservatory

“… these young singers should be bottled and used as balm on the world's problems.”
Marcia Giambrone, Buffalo Choral Arts Society

“… projects the spirit of dedication to excellence in the choral art, firmly rooted in spiritual expression."
Dr. Rene Clausen, Concordia Choir

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