Get Involved with Houghton College Choir

There are several areas with which the choir needs assistance throughout the year. We need interested parties to help set up concerts, set up service projects, or help with pressing financial needs of the choir.

For information on hosting a tour concert, sponsoring a new robe, or providing a choral scholarship, please see below.

The College Choir sincerely thanks you for any help that you are able to provide our ministry.

Robe Sponsorship

Soli Deo Gloria, the Latin phrase translated "To God, alone, the Glory" represents the desire of the Houghton College Choir. In order to exemplify this attitude in appearance as well as actions, the choir is in the process of changing its concert attire to new robes in the college's colors that will present the choir as one voice, lifted in unison to the glory of God alone.

We would like to invite you to be a part of that effort - and to join the choir, symbolically, as it travels the United States and the world - by sponsoring a choir robe. You can memorialize or honor a friend, colleague, mentor, or loved one by endowing a robe. Donors and honorees who give $250 or more will be recognized by having their names embroidered on the inside of the robe, and recognized in a future college choir tour program.

Please send a check to Houghton College Advancement Office, One Willard Ave, Houghton, NY 14744. For further information, contact the dean of the school of music at: 585.567.9400.

College Choir Scholarship

The Houghton College Choir would like to invite you to participate in our choral scholarship fund. These scholarships will be used to help fund individual students who would not otherwise be able to participate in our international choir tours. The choral program makes every effort to offer domestic tours free of charge to every choir member, however the overseas trips are costly. Some students who want to participate in overseas tours are unable to meet the financial demands. All donations will be fully applied to needy students and would help lower the cost of the trip. If you are interested in helping these students please email Daniel Black.