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Symphonic Wind Ensemble

Audition and Ensemble Fellowship Information

Special Scholarship Opportunity for Bassoonists/Oboists/Clarinetists/Trumpets/String Bass:

Are you an entering Freshman (Fall 14) or current Houghton College student who plays bassoon, oboe, trumpet, string bass or clarinet? Are you majoring in something other than music but still want to play in band and/or orchestra? Do you feel God has gifted you in your talents and you should use them?  If this is you and you would like scholarship dollars to play in our ensembles this year, than please email Dr. Davis immediately for more information on how to apply. We need you! 

Audition Information

(Information for all players, regardless of major)

Question: "I want to play in band in college! (Symphonic Wind Ensemble) How do I participate?"

Answer: "Great! Welcome to our family! All you need to do is register for the course like any other class and complete a short low-pressure audition in the fall. If you are a new member, please email your instrument to Dr. Davis."

All Houghton students in the Symphonic Wind Ensemble complete a short placement audition. Audition sign-up is online at https://drd.youcanbook.me.  Audition material will be announced on this page before each semester. In addition, students will be asked to play scales and sight-read.  Please arrive a few minutes early.  If you have any questions regarding auditions or participation in an instrumental ensemble, please email Dr. Justin Davis at justin.davis@houghton.edu.  We look forward to hearing your audition, meeting you, and having you participate with us this year!  All Houghton students are invited to participate in Symphonic Winds, regardless of major!

  • Music majors who play wind and percussion instruments are assumed to be available for both the Philharmonia and Symphonic Winds and will be placed in one or both ensembles, based on audition results and the needs of the Greatbatch School of Music.

Special Note Regarding Student Teaching and Auditions

Each fall at Houghton, several instrumentalists are involved in semester-long student teaching activities and are generally unavailable for ensemble participation during this period. According to the musical requirements of the ensemble, when the student teachers return in the spring, they will typically be seated alongside players who have been playing through the fall semester. If feasible, fall student teachers are encouraged to take an audition in the fall semester with other students, and to continue practicing their primary instruments during the student teaching semester, with a view toward the spring.

Ensemble Fellowship Information

Houghton Ensemble Fellowships are awarded by the Director of Instrumental Activities for excellence in musical achievement and for participation in small- and/or large-ensemble music-making while at Houghton College. These Fellowships are open to all talented musicians; however, are often reserved for non-music majors. They are available in a limited number and amount and are evaluated and awarded annually, based on ensemble needs. These evaluations take into account current contributions to the program as well as future ability to contribution to the School. Fellowship recipients may also be eligible for other merit-based awards at Houghton College.