Symphonic Winds

Recent Repertoire

Give Us This Day (Short Symphony for Winds) Maslanka Casey 4/27/2012
Cathedral Music Tallis & Handl, transcr. Singleton Casey 4/27/2012
Beginning from Serenade for Winds Allen, tr. Casey Casey 4/27/2012
Moorside March Holst Hall 4/27/2012
Serenade, Op. 7 Strauss Casey 4/27/2012
Inglesina Delle Cese Casey 4/27/2012
Spring Divertimento Mahr Smith 4/27/2012
Pastime Stamp Casey 4/27/2012
Consort for Winds Spittal Casey 4/24/2012
Country Band March Ives, transcr. Sinclair Casey 2/18/2012
George Washington Bridge Schuman Hall 2/18/2012
Song for the Winter Moon Cummings Casey 2/18/2012
Ferris Wheel Nitsch Casey 2/18/2012
Blues for a Killed Kat End Casey 2/18/2012
Hill-Song No. 2 Grainger Casey 2/18/2012
Three City Blocks Harbison Casey 2/18/2012
Contre Qui, Rose Lauridsen, tr. Reynolds Smith 2/18/2012
Country Gardens arr. Grainger/Brion/Schissel Casey 2/18/2012
Swashbuckler Giroux Casey 2/18/2012
Variants on a Mediaeval Tune Dello Joio Casey 12/9/2011
In the Bleak Mid-Winter arr. Nitsch Casey 12/9/2011
Russian Christmas Music Reed Casey 12/9/2011
Sleigh Ride Anderson Smith 12/9/2011
Troika from Lt. Kije Prokofiev/Lavender Hall 12/9/2011
A Christmas Festival Anderson Hall 12/9/2011
In the Bleak Mid-Winter arr. Nitsch Smith 12/5/2011
A Christmas Festival Anderson Casey 12/5/2011
Sleigh Ride arr. Anderson Hall 12/5/2011
Waking Angels Gillingham Casey 11/11/2011
Six Short Pieces J. Berger Lascell 11/14/2011
Miniatures W.G. Still, arr. Lesnick Lascell 11/14/2011
Allegro from Eine Kleine Nachtmusik Mozart Casey 11/9/2011
At an Old Trysting-Place MacDowell, tr. Casey Casey 11/9/2011
America the Beautiful arr. Dragon Casey 11/5/2011
Symphony No. 6 Persichetti Casey 11/5/2011
Elegy for a Young American Lo Presti Casey 11/5/2011
Suite of Old American Dances (IV-V) Bennett Stith 11/5/2011
American Overture for Band Jenkins Casey 11/5/2011
Our Town (excerpt) Copland, tr. Singleton Casey 11/5/2011
Faces of Foster Foster, Casey Casey 11/5/2011
Train Heading West (and other Outdoor Scenes) Broege Hall 11/5/2011
The Chimes of Liberty Goldman Hall 11/5/2011
“Exhilaration and Cry” from Southern Harmony Grantham Casey 11/5/2011
Serenade, K. 375 (excerpts) Mozart Casey 11/4/2011
The Chimes of Liberty Goldman Casey 9/10/2011
National Hymn:Bravada, March, and the People’s Refreshing Casey Casey 9/10/2011
American Dream Beckel Casey 9/10/2011
Elegy for a Young American Lo Presti Casey 9/10/2011
An American Elegy (Paul DeBoer, offstage trumpet) Ticheli Casey 9/10/2011
America the Beautiful arr. Dragon Casey 9/10/2011
Sun Dance Ticheli Casey 4/19/2011
Dance Rhythms Riegger Casey 4/19/2011
Scenes from the Louvre Dello Joio Casey 4/19/2011
Canterbury Chorale Van der Roost Smith 4/19/2011
Hands Across the Sea Sousa Casey 4/19/2011
Paris Sketches (I, IV) Ellerby Casey 4/9/2011
Hagios Schubert, tr. Casey Lyon 4/9/2011
Blue Sky Day Mahr Casey 4/9/2011
Sun Paints Rainbows on Vast Waves Bedford Casey 4/9/2011
Sun Dance Ticheli Casey 4/9/2011
Padstow Lifeboat Arnold Casey 4/9/2011
My Jesus, Oh, What Anguish Bach, arr. Reed Smith 4/9/2011
Yosemite Autumn Camphouse Casey 4/9/2011
Eternal Father, Strong To Save Smith Casey 4/9/2011
Hands Across the Sea Sousa Casey 4/9/2011
Petite Symphonie Gounod Casey 2/18/2011
Suite Française Milhaud Casey 2/18/2011
Marche Lugubré Gossec, tr. Casey Casey 2/18/2011
Paris Sketches Ellerby Casey 2/18/2011
Scenes from the Louvre Dello Joio Casey 2/18/2011
Pastoral Persichetti Lascell 11/12/2010
Notturno, Op. 24 Mendelssohn Casey 11/12/2010
Tunbridge Fair Piston Gervase 11/12/2010
Vesuvius Ticheli Casey 11/12/2010
Canterbury Chorale Van Der Roost Casey 11/12/2010
Eternal Father, Strong To Save Smith Casey 11/12/2010
Dance Rhythms Riegger Casey 10/11/2010
Vientos y Tangos Gandolfi Casey 10/11/2010
Bandancing (III, IV, I) Stamp Casey 10/11/2010
Russian Dances Liadov Lascell 10/11/2010
Four Scottish Dances Arnold Casey 10/11/2010
Symphonic Dance No. 3, “Fiesta” Williams Casey 10/11/2010
Second Suite for Band Aitken Stith 2008-2010
Concerto for Alto Saxophone and Wind Ensemble Maslanka Stith 2008-2010
The Thunderer Sousa Stith 2008-2010
After “The Thunderer” from Symphony on Themes of John Philip Sousa Hearshen Stith 2008-2010
Abide with Me Monk, arr. Dawson Stith 2008-2010
Canzona Mennin Stith 2008-2010
Concerto for Clarinet Rimsky-Korsakov Stith 2008-2010
October Whitacre Vogan 2008-2010
Yankee Doodle Gould Stith 2008-2010
Be Thou My Vision Gillingham Stith 2008-2010
Praise to the Lord Nelhybel Stith 2008-2010
Rackoczy March Berlioz, arr. Smith Stith 2008-2010
Holy, Holy, Holy Leidzen Stith 2008-2010
Sacred Suite Reed Stith 2008-2010
March from “Symphonic Metamorphosis” Hindemith, arr. Wilson Stith 2008-2010
Irish Tune from County Derry Grainger Stith 2008-2010
Second Suite in F Holst Stith 2008-2010
Dies Natalis Hanson Stith 2008-2010
On a Hymnsong of Philip Bliss Holsinger Stith 2008-2010
Joy to the World Händel, arr. Forte Stith 2008-2010
Salvation is Created Tschesnokoff, arr. Houseknecht Stith 2008-2010
First Suite in Eb Holst Stith 2008-2010
Psalm for Band Persichetti Stith 2008-2010
Fantasy on Japanese Woodprints Hovhaness Stith 2008-2010
Americans We Fillmore Stith 2008-2010
Down Longford Way Grainger Stith 2008-2010
Handel in the Strand Grainger Stith 2008-2010
Sympony No. 3 Giannini Stith 2008-2010
With Heart and Voice Gillingham Stith 2008-2010
Monument Fanfare and Tribute Rothman Stith 2008-2010
Hark the Herald Angels Sing Mendelssohn, arr. Forte Stith 2008-2010
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