ACDA Student Chapter

To be a successful conductor and educator one needs to surround themselves with a network of support. The American Choral Director Association helps students do just that. By forming a student chapter here on campus, young conductors will have the opportunity to work together, provide learning experiences and build a professional network for future success. Our student chapter frequently invites other student chapters to our campus to work, learn and grow together.

Learning from experienced conductors is a pivotal part of becoming a successful conductor. Over the last several years Houghton College has received master-classes and lectures from many highly respected musicians: Weston Noble, Luther College, Susan Conkling, Eastman School of Music, Jameson Marvin, Harvard, Jerry Blackstone, University of Michigan, Larry Doebler, Ithaca College, Brett Scott, Cincinnati Conservatory, Mark Zeigler, NYACDA President and Nazareth College and many others.

This year the Houghton College Choir welcomes RENE CLAUSEN, October 22. Dr. Clausen is a renown composer and conductor and we are thrilled to be able to bring him to campus. Dr. Clausen will present master-classes in choral literature, choral conducting & will work with the Houghton College Choir.

Putting these experiences to good use, several members of the Houghton College ACDA student chapter have been honored by participating in conducting competitions and master-classes held by the national, regional and state ACDA organizations.

This year several members of the Houghton College student chapter will be traveling to the national ACDA convention. At this convention they will observe and interact with experienced conductors, and hear top quality performances. I am proud of our student chapter here at Houghton College know that the experiences provided through this organization will further develop our students for success in their profession.

–Brandon Johnson, Chapter Advisor

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