Audition Information

At Houghton College there is a choir for every voice!  We have three non-auditioned ensembles and one auditioned ensemble.  If you would like to sing in a non-auditioned group just add it to your schedule as you would any other class during registration.

If you will be a first-year singer in the fall, there is no need to audition before the first day of class, simply register for either Men's Choir, Recital Choir or Women's Choir.  First-year singers are also eligible to sing in the Camerata Singers, a chamber group of mixed voices.

College Choir is open to sophomore through graduate student singers.  To audition for College Choir, returning students will need to select a time the week before finals. The audition sheet is on Dr. Johnson's studio door (CFA 214). If you are a transfer student, or a student returning from the London Honors Program, and would like to audition for College Choir, e-mail Dr. Johnson.

For help with scheduling conflicts or for any other questions please e-mail Dr. Johnson.

Non-auditioned Choral Ensembles

Men's Choir
MUS 344
Recital Choir MUS 457
Women's Choir MUS 345

Auditioned Ensembles

College Choir
MUS 349
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