Commercial Music Courses

Introduction to Pro Tools and Pro Tools Production 1

Introduction to Pro tools and Pro Tools Production 1 covers all of the foundational skills necessary to record, edit, and mix using an Avid Pro Tools system. You will engage in hand on projects, in-class work shops and get familiar with a high end Pro Tools HDX system. Taking both courses leads to Pro Tools User Certification after passing the certification exam.

Introduction to Music Business

This course covers all the aspects of contemporary music business. This class will equip you with knowledge, practical strategies and an entrepreneurial framework. It will explore the impact of technological advances on how music is created, delivered, marketed and distributed. It will also cover music business infrastructure and the scope and terms of business deals that are entered into. Finally, it examines how recent changes are ushering in new and creative business opportunities in the music and film industries.

Recording and Studio Technique

This course covers an advanced understanding of digital audio recording techniques. It also provides a historical and aesthetic context to the study of digital audio, microphone techniques and recording protocols. Once finished, this course will make you fluent in multi-tracking software and you will gain mastery of a variety of hardware and software tools and underlying concepts.

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