Master of Music in Conducting

Audition Requirements

Candidates should normally possess a bachelor of music degree or its equivalent, and demonstrate strong interest and ability in conducting.  Usually, such demonstration will include (but not be limited to) successful completion of at least two undergraduate courses (or equivalent) in conducting. 

Each applicant will submit a video recording of his/her conducting as part of the application process via a DVD or unlisted YouTube link.  It is requested, but not required, that the DVD have both performance and rehearsal footage.

Video Deadline:  January 21

An on-campus interview and conducting audition is also required.  Candidates invited to campus for audition and interview will be sent one to two pieces currently in the repertoire of the appropriate ensemble to prepare for a live rehearsal.

The candidate should also prepare a solo hearing of two to three selections in his/her principal solo performance area (i.e., a principal instrument for instrumental conductors and voice for choral conductors.)  For choral conducting candidates whose principal performing area is not voice, an instrumental hearing may be scheduled, but a voice hearing will also be required.

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