Introduction for Graduate Students

We welcome you to the Greatbatch School of Music, Houghton College.  Graduate students should familiarize themselves with the Graduate Bulletin, which pertains specifically to the policies and procedures of the graduate program.  This Music Student Handbook is an additional guide to the Greatbatch School of Music as a whole, and to policies applying to all music students.

Please review this document carefully, paying particular attention to information about Facilities & Equipment, Procedures, Policies, the Music Library, and Recitals.  This document is usually reviewed and updated annually.  Neglecting to read and follow it will NOT excuse you from any resulting omissions or mistakes in your studies or programming. 

If any information in the Music Student Handbook conflicts with that found in the Graduate Bulletin, please follow those policies outlined in the Graduate Bulletin.  If your concern or question is not addressed here, always feel free to ask questions of the main music office ( or the graduate music office (  It is our prayer that your years here will be an exciting, growing, joy-filled time for you.




Recital Setup Form
Recital Program Templates:  Half-Page Program, Folded ProgramProgram Insert
Departmental/Seminar Form
Repertoire/Jury Sheet Forms (same content, different formats):   .doc, .docx.rtf

Details on forms and procedures can be found in the handbook.


Handbook Contents

  • Mission & Goals
    • Mission
    • Goals
  • People
    • Faculty
    • Staff
    • Need help?
  • Organizations
    • NAfME-NYSMEA, Chapter #150
    • Dean's Advisory Council
  • Facilities & Equipment
    • Maps
    • Bulletin Boards
    • Ensemble Libraries
    • Instruments
    • Keyboard Instruments and Maintenance
    • Piano Care and Room Condition
    • Lounges
    • Mailboxes
    • Practice Rooms
  • Procedures
    • Accompanying Guidelines
    • Assignment of Instructors
    • Practice Cards
    • Practice Rooms
    • Pre-Registration ("Course Selection") Procedures
    • Instrument Class Sequence
    • Tutoring
  • Policies
    • Ensemble Participation
    • Sophomore Review
    • Specialist Study
    • Wellness
  • Music Library
    • Hours
    • Circulation Policy
    • Interlibrary Loan
    • Listening Room Policy
    • Music Reserves
    • Arrangement of Materials
    • Searching the Online Catalog
  • Juries, Repertoire Sheets, & Related Procedures and Requirements
    • Juries and Repertoire Sheets
    • Jury Performance Guidelines
  • Public Performance:  Recital Information & Procedures
    • Chamber Music & Ensemble Work
    • Degree Recital Grading
    • Length of Degree Recitals
    • Performance/Concert/Recital Types
    • Recital Attendance Policy/Procedures
    • Recital Dress
    • Recital Etiquette for Performers and Audience
    • Recital Logistics (Rehearsal Time, Reception, etc.)
    • Recital Preparation Checklist
    • Recital Programs
  • Student Teaching
    • Prerequisites
    • Student Teaching Length
    • Logistics
    • Observation/Practicum Requirement
    • Requirement Terminology & Definitions
  • Scholarships
    • Marion R. Anderson Award in Voice
    • Professor John M. Andrews String Scholarship
    • Wilfred and Mary Bain Scholarship
    • Joanne L. Bingham Scholarship
    • James Brokaw II Scholarship
    • Carolyn Keil Campbell Scholarship
    • Clint A. Clifford Endowed Scholarship
    • Frederick C. Denham Organ Scholarship
    • Florence B. Dodds Music Scholarship
    • Charles Finney Endowed Scholarship
    • Dr. and Mrs. Devere Gallup Scholarship
    • Nancy Connor Good Music Education Fund
    • Ethel Boyce Johnson Music Scholarship
    • Walter T. Knox Scholarship
    • Robert R. Mackenzie Scholarship
    • S. Hugh and Wilfrieda Paine Music Scholarship
    • Presser Foundation Scholarship
    • Dr. George Seher Scholarship
    • Jacob and Marie Smith Church Music Scholarship
    • Willard G. and Mae L. Smith Scholarship
    • Paul and Mildred Temple Scholarship
    • Dorothy Yahn Walrath Organ Scholarship
    • Linford C. Wilcox Endowed Scholarship
    • Robert W. Woods Memorial Scholarship
    • Marilyn York Scholarship
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