Mission & Goals


The Greatbatch School of Music, within a Christ-centered liberal arts education, endeavors to produce graduates who, through commitment to musical excellence and the integration of faith and musical learning, can be effective advocates and practitioners in both the Christian community and the broader world.

-- July 2013


In light of our stated mission, the Greatbatch School of Music faculty seeks to:

  • promote a Christian musical environment for developing the highest artist values and a lifelong commitment to musical excellence
  • serve students excellently in their professional work
  • provide students with the means for rewarding, fulfilling artistic endeavors
  • develop in all students an awareness of the creative dimension of the entire person
  • develop in all students an awareness that they are created in the Image of God (Imago Dei)
  • to encourage an on-goingcommitment to the coherent articulation of the integration of faith and discipline
  • serve as effective musical advocates in the Christian community and in the broader world
  • serve as effective Christian witnesses in the musical world.

- July 2013

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