Information about individual faculty members can be found in the Faculty web pages.

When referring to or addressing professors, “Professor” is the preferred title to precede the person’s last name, unless a professor with a doctorate directs you to use “Dr.”  Also acceptable are appropriate uses of “Mr.,” “Ms.,” or “Mrs.”  Normally one does not call a professor by his or her first name unless specifically invited to do so, and only in a one-on-one setting when not in the presence of other students or faculty.


  • Kevin Dibble, coordinator of music admissions and recruitment (CFA 216, ext. 4020)
  • Alan Dusel, assistant director of technical arts (CFA 210, ext. 4030)
  • Tom Finch, building maintenance supervisor, Wesley Chapel and CFA
  • Shelly Hillman, administrative operations coordinator and assistant to the dean and director (CFA 105, ext. 4000)
  • Kevin Jackson, director of technical arts (ext. 4200)
  • Elizabeth Oakerson, music librarian (CFA 200, ext. 6080)
  • Sara Rupe, coordinator of graduate studies (CFA 235, ext. 4680)

Need help?

To whom do you go if you have a problem, academic or otherwise?

Academic-related issues: Your faculty adviser should be your first stop, but the main music office has much procedural information.  If you are not comfortable talking to your advisor, make an appointment with the director.

Emotional/personal:  The Greatbatch School of Music is like a large family, so friends and colleagues can often offer support for personal issues, concerns, etc.  For significant personal issues that persist or may be harmful, you may wish to consult with Houghton’s excellent Counseling Center. Their services are provided to you without any added fee.

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