Bachelor of Music "Plus"

with Non-Music Elective Studies 

This degree is titled Bachelor of Music (B.Mus.) with Elective Studies, and is a unique option for students who want a Bachelor of Music degree but who also have strong interest in other disciplines.  Completing a minimum of eighteen credit hours in an academic area (or explicit combination of areas) outside of music, students in the B.Mus. "Plus" program are preparing for service in fields such as Music Ministry and Worship, Missions, Recording Arts, and more.  In the B.Mus. "Plus" program, students can:

  • Minor in most disciplines, with other electives
  • Double minor
  • Complete major-level coursework in many disciplines within the 33 elective hours

These studies must include the minor in any discipline for which Houghton offers an academic minor.  Multi- or cross-disciplinary areas of elective study may also be proposed by petition, depending upon the interests of the student.  Elective possibilities for the curriculum include: 

  • Religion/theology (music in Christian Worship)
  • Intercultural studies (world music, music & missions)
  • Natural sciences (strong music + medical)
  • Business (music business)
  • Psychology and or recreation (music therapy graduate studies)
  • Communication (media studies)
  • Humanities (individual interests)

Degree Requirements

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