Author: Hannah Hanover
Categories: Academics|Community

Houghton College is expanding its summer online programs and offering them at a significantly reduced per-credit-hour cost.

Online class offerings are three or four credits and the cost is $125 per credit hour. The classes are open to current and prospective Houghton students as well as the general public and will run from June 24 – August 3.  Credits are fully transferable to other institutions.

“For summer 2013, we wanted to make the program as competitive as possible. $125 per credit is less than many other online programs,” says Mark Hijleh, associate dean of academic affairs.

When high school or current college students take online classes, this can reduce the cost of earning a four-year degree and enable them to graduate earlier than the traditional four years. 

Students need only a computer and an internet connection to fully participation in online courses. Professors are Houghton College faculty with the experience and dedication to learning expected in an on-campus setting.

“The faculty group that conceived of the online program direction [at Houghton]… felt very strongly that quality was a top issue,” remarks Hijleh. “We want Houghton online coursework to reflect the very best pedagogy and learning experiences, as Houghton traditional coursework always has.”

Houghton Online is designed for any student wishing to access high-quality classes taught by nationally recognized faculty at a fraction of the cost for on-campus learning. This includes current Houghton students, high school juniors and seniors, incoming students, and any other individuals interested in an affordable online program or in getting a head-start on their college education.

This summer’s offering highlights an expanded list of online courses, including PSY 111: Introduction to Psychology, MLT 211: Music and Listening, EDUC 223: Adolescent Literature, ENG 202B: Literary Voices and BIBL 101: Biblical Literature.

Houghton College is a state and regionally accredited learning institution whose credits are transferable to public and private institutions around the globe.

For further information or to register for online classes, please visit