Author: Andrea Bruns
Date: September 24, 2012
Categories: Academics|English|Faculty

Houghton College is pleased to host a poetry reading and book signing for emeritus professor Dr. John Leax’s new collection of poetry, Recluse Freedom. Dr. Leax will engage an audiance with selections from his new poems written from 1990 to 2010 on Thursday, October 4, at 7 p.m. in the Center for the Arts Recital Hall. The reading will be followed by a reception and book signing in the atrium. This event is free and open to public.

In Recluse Freedom, Dr. Leax dives through the rapid and hectic rhythms of life, leading readers to emerge into quiet awareness of world and self. His compelling insight on nature, community, and spirituality bind an evangelical outlook on life with a gritty, perceptive view of humanity. “Recluse Freedom is a rare thing,” reflects Jeanne Murray Walker, author of New Tracks, Night Falling. “[It is] a book to sit with, to return to…and to learn from.” As Walker suggests, this new release is a collection that promises to engage the seeking minds of those who have newly discovered or long loved Dr. Leax’s literature.

Dr. Leax, professor of writing and literature at Houghton College from 1968 to 2009, has published several books of poetry and prose along with one novel. From his home in Fillmore, N.Y., where he lives with his wife, Leax writes works that promise to engage the academic community of Houghton College, individuals who have experienced the quiet beauty of rural western New York, and minds that seek to wrestle with the depths of spiritual and intellectual insight.

For more information about the poetry reading and book signing, contact Susan Lipscomb at .