NY Congressman Tom Reed (R)
NY Congressman Tom Reed (R)
Author: Hannah Hanover
Date: January 30, 2013
Date: January 30, 2013
Categories: Academics|Political Science

Congressman Tom Reed held a Q&A session and discussion at Houghton College on Monday, January 28.

The event was hosted by the Runnymede Pre-Law Society, a Houghton College club of over 30 members dedicated to educating students about law and preparing students for success in their legal education.

Congressman Reed serves the 23rd district of New York and works for the Committee on Ways and Means -- the primary tax-writing committee in the House of Representatives –the Subcommittee on Human Resources, and the Subcommittee of Oversight. “There’s some exciting things going on in that committee…we’re in the front line” Reed says of his position on Ways and Means. Reed has also served on the Rules, Judiciary, and Transportation committees and Infrastructure committee. A native to Western New York, the congressman grew up in Corning, NY and attended the Ohio Northern University College of Law, before beginning his legal work in Rochester, NY.

"What made this particular appearance a little different is that Congressman Reed did not come to give a speech, or in the context of an electoral campaign,” commented Peter Meilaender, professor of political science at Houghton College. “This experience was a little more intimate, with the congressman in a room with a group of students, who had the chance to discuss his work with him face to face.

“Those letters after your name are an investment that will never go away,” said Reed, encouraging the present students to continue their studies. “It’s an investment they can never take away from you.”

Congressman Reed’s visit is only one of many opportunities to which Houghton students interested in law, politics, and rhetoric have access. Visits from alumni attorneys and law school representatives enrich the pre-law community at Houghton, and the Runnymede Society often hosts popular campus-wide events including debate and election night parties, a mock presidential debate, mock trials, and law school preparation through practice LSAT testing.

For further information on Congressman Reed’s visit or other Runnymede Pre-Law Society events, please contact the Runnymede Society’s president, William Clunn, at william.clunn13@houghton.edu.