Author: Evan Szymanski
Date: April 28, 2016
Categories: Academics|Faculty|Theology

This past March, Houghton College’s Dr. Jonathan Case presented a paper entitled “Some Hard Questions About the Digital World as the Last Missional Frontier” at the Participation in God’s Mission conference at Northeastern Seminary.

The paper examines three maladies of missions in the digital world: our tendency to disembody the Gospel and reduce it to information, our absorption into the world of images and simulated reality, and our lack of awareness of how culture is shaping us.

“It’s natural that churches would be interested in pursuing missions in the digital world,” said Case, “but the potential for abuse is enormous, and difficult questions need to be faced concerning the way we are being shaped by the tools we use.”

Dr. Case came to Houghton in 2005 after several years as Lecturer in Theological Studies at Kingsley College, Melbourne, Australia. His articles and reviews have appeared in Crucible, Word and World, Dialog, Journal of Christian Theological Research, and Aldersgate Papers.

The Participation in God’s Mission conference took place on March 18 and 19 at Roberts Wesleyan University, and participants, numbering about 90, came from as far away as South Africa. The keynote speaker was Dr. Michael J. Gorman, professor of Biblical Studies and Theology at St. Mary’s Seminary and University, who talked about the missional perspectives in the writings of Paul and John.