Author: Hannah Hanover
Date: March 13, 2013
Categories: Community|Faculty|Impact|Staff

Houghton faculty and staff have entered their final week of the faculty and staff employee giving campaign, 100% We Are All Houghton.  Funds donated by the faculty and staff will be used for student scholarships.

“Houghton would not have been possible for me without the large amounts of financial aid I received,” says Theodore Janney ’13.  “When I was looking at schools, the main question for me was whether I could afford the school. My parents could not contribute and I couldn't hope to earn the full amount working part time.  Houghton has provided me the money for my education.”

Donations can vary from regular payroll deductions of $1 or more to one-time gifts of any amount. The campaign is meant to bolster scholarship funds to assist students financially and encourage staff and faculty unity and support of the students.

Grant-funding institutions frequently allot funds according to the percentage of faculty/staff actively giving to the institution.  When faculty and staff give, they literally can improve Houghton’s potential to obtain grants for the institution.

This year, in the spirit of competition, the advancement office has challenged the student life office to the highest percentage of staff giving within their respective offices. The office that wins will have their cars washed by the other.

“There are so many wonderful ways that faculty and staff give to Houghton every day,” said Heather Hill, fund development specialist for Houghton College. “One of the less visible ways they give is financially through avenues like the Student Scholarship Fund, endowed scholarships, and other funds. We give for many different reasons: because we love the students that come through here; because we believe in the mission of the college; and because through giving we can show our unity.”

This percentage of faculty and staff giving to the campaign already totals an all time high at 62.7 percent, which places it above last year’s total of 37 percent and the previous high of 57%.  All monies contributed from faculty and staff between the dates of June 1, 2012, and May 31, 2013, will be counted towards the final total of the campaign.