Hummingbird Collage collection by Alice Drew
Hummingbird Collage collection by Alice Drew
Author: Danielle Brenon
Date: January 2, 2013
Date: January 2, 2013
Categories: Alumni|Art

Houghton College graduate Alice Drew ’00 was privileged to design a stoneware pattern for the American china manufacturer, Lenox Dinnerware, titled Collage by Alice Drew Collection. Drew’s exclusive collection, in three lines, Hummingbird Collage, Peony Collage, and Butterfly Collage, is available at Macy’s department stores and online through etsy, an e-commerce site focused on handmade items.

Drew says the opportunity to have her work produced by Lenox is a “real dream come true,” and she hopes to see the dinnerware line drive into other venues. Drew’s work is a combination of clay ceramics and design, two forms of media she fell in love with while a student at Houghton.

“I love the hands-on approach to clay, and seeing my fingerprint in the finished work,” explains Drew. She appreciates clay as a versatile material that spans cultures and time. “I love that clay is a plastic, moldable material that comes from the earth, and can be manipulated in infinite ways, and when fired becomes hard, durable and something that people can use and incorporate into their everyday lives.”

On the design end, Drew is drawn to colorful, elaborate wallpapers, fabrics and textiles. She says her designs incorporate layers of imagery, looking to capture multiple elements of a room or outside space. “I really enjoy designing. It gives me a break from the studio, and it allows me to draw, which I love to do.”

All of Drew’s work is hand built and screen printed, using screens made from her original drawings. Her Lenox stoneware set is food, dishwasher and microwave safe.

Drew is a full-time studio potter and currently lives in Boston, Mass., with her husband and two children. She received a Bachelor of Arts in studio art from Houghton in 2000 and a Master of Fine Arts in ceramics from Rochester Institute of Technology at The School for American Crafts in 2003. Drew served as an assistant professor of art at Roberts Wesleyan College for five years; and has taught courses in ceramics at Houghton, R.I.T. and SUNY Brockport. Currently, she directs hand-building and thermal screen-printing workshops.

Drew appreciates her Houghton College roots, noting that her work is inspired by Professors Gary Baxter, Julia Galloway and Rick Hirsch. “All of the Houghton art faculty members are accomplished artists, incredibly talented, and full of wisdom and knowledge. I am proud to have their work hanging in our home.”

To learn more about Drew’s work or browse her galleries, visit Alice Drew Ceramics at