Author: Marshall Green
Categories: Academics|Faculty|Impact

Houghton College has been selected to receive a NetVUE Program Development Grant in the amount of $50,000 for use between January 2014 and January 2016. Houghton College is among 36 NetVUE institutions selected in the second annual group of recipients of these awards based on proposals submitted in September of 2013. NetVUE Program Development Grants are made possible thanks to a generous grant to the Council of Independent Colleges (CIC) from Lilly Endowment, Inc.

NetVUE Program Development Grants may be used to deepen, expand, or otherwise strengthen programs that are already underway and supported by the institution itself, and may be requested in amounts ranging from $25,000 to $50,000 for use over approximately two years. Funds may be used for a range of purposes to offset one-time costs of program development and implementation.

As the executive summary of Houghton’s grant proposal states, “Equipping students to ‘lead and labor in a changing world,’ as indicated in the Houghton College mission statement, requires that that we [Houghton College] emphasize close connections between ‘vocation’ and application of knowledge to service. Houghton is already a ‘community of mentoring,’ but our students need a more intentional and consistent focus on the theological and practical connections between vocation and career to thrive in an ever more rapidly changing world. We aim to transform our authentic, yet often informal, mentoring community into a community of mentoring for vocation by: developing campus-wide materials and strategies for understanding and communicating important vocational concepts; embedding career-readiness outcomes consistent with our mission into our curriculum and co-curriculum; collecting and applying key internal and external data to advising and mentoring for vocation; encouraging best practices for mentoring in our community; coordinating vocationally-focused activities among several of our established curricular and co-curricular programs; and expanding Houghton’s online community to support mentoring for vocation.”

The grant team for Houghton College consisted of:  team leader Mark Hijleh, associate dean for academic affairs; Robert Pool, vice president for student life;  Richard Eckley, professor of theology; Brian Reitnour, coordinator of career services; Mark Hunter, director to the center for academic success and advising; Dan Noyes, executive director of alumni relations; and Michael Jordan, dean of the chapel.

“The high level of interest in the NetVUE Program Development Grants reflects the deep commitment of member colleges and universities to enrich vocational exploration in undergraduate education. Grant applicants proposed an impressively wide range of demonstrably effective strategies for building their campus capacities in this regard,” said Richard Ekman, presidentof the CIC. “My colleagues at CIC and I congratulate you on receipt of this award and we look forward to following your progress during the coming two years.”