Author: Michael Carpenter
Date: June 16, 2016
Categories: Business
Taking their classroom education and applying it to real-world business.

Houghton business students participated in the Houghton Consulting Group and succeeded in a variety of projects this past semester, ranging from sports analysis for the Rochester Americans hockey team to developing Houghton’s new data science program.

Throughout the 2015-2016 season, the Rochester Americans, also known as the Amerks, reached out to the Houghton Consulting Group to assist in a sports analytics project involving the evaluation of hockey player and hockey team performance. A group of seven students was gathered to study the team and report their findings. According to the Houghton Consulting Group’s project summary, “It is clear that the involvement of the Rochester Americans' analytical hockey model has offered a unique opportunity to analyze and further understand the game of hockey."

The Houghton Consulting Group also tasked another group of students with a project for the Rochester Americans, this time for Nicholas Nucci, director of ticket sales and service. The Consulting Group’s project summary states, “With the recent struggles of the team itself on the ice, the department is looking for new ways to bring fans to the games. … Our group was tasked with the job of new ideas that the Amerks could run to sell more tickets. … We gathered information such as ticket prices, intermission activities, promotional ideas and ticket packages, to name a few. We summed the information and plan on giving recommendations to the Amerks as to some ideas that are working for other organizations [and] that they can implement starting the 2016-2017 season.”

A third group from the Consulting Group worked to begin development on a smartphone app that lays the groundwork for a product or idea using the Lean Startup Method. This project involved research and assessment throughout the semester to determine market interest and prepare the business model for the app once released. The next step for this group will be to begin work on the mobile app itself in the fall semester.

A final group of students with the Consulting Group worked to brainstorm, synthesize and propose strategic ideas on how to develop Houghton’s new data science program, especially in relation to experiential learning. The group focused on the Hilton Head Golf and Super Bowl trips that the data science students participated in over the course of the past school year.

Each group presented their findings to their client(s) as well as their professors.

The Houghton Consulting Group is a sub-business of Houghton Student Enterprises, a student-led organization that seeks to use knowledge and skills learned in the classroom to create and enhance businesses both on campus and in the community. The Consulting Group works each year with a number of clients to complete projects and offer Houghton students real-world experience.

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