Author: Marshall Green
Date: May 9, 2013
Date: May 9, 2013
Categories: Academics|Business

Twenty-nine senior business majors at Houghton College have scored in the top five percent in a nationally administered test designed to examine their knowledge in the field of business.

The Business Major Field Test was administered at 585 institutions to 80,708 undergraduate students. It is intended to compare the skills and knowledge of the brightest business students at each school to those at similar institutions, in order to improve instruction and learning.

Over the past 10 years, Houghton business students have traditionally scored in the top 5-10 percent nationally, and scored in the top-five percentile this year when compared to schools across the nation and in New York.  Out of 20 selected comparison Christian schools, Houghton ranked in the top two.

Houghton student, William (Spencer) Adams ’13 ranked in the top 1 percent of those tested.  This puts Adams in the top 800 students out of more than 80,500 who took the exam.

“The high performance on this exam reveals the ’I want to make a difference’ mindset of Houghton’s business student,” said Ken Bates, chair of the business and economics department at Houghton. “We’re blessed with a steady stream of pretty unique, intrinsically motivated, thinking and caring students.”

The questions on the exam span the full scope of business and include areas such as accounting, finance, marketing, management and global business issues. At Houghton, the test is also used to calculate 10 percent of a student’s grade for his or her senior business course.

“Our faculty is committed to helping students develop their gifts and skills, and they bring to that task a combination of academic training and real-world experience that serves their students well,” said Linda Mills Woolsey, dean of the college.  “Their work in building ’hands-on’ experience into their courses — projects like tax preparation clinics, managing an endowment fund,  working with regional businesses and non-profits on marketing plans — prepares our students to take the lead in their chosen fields.”

Business students at Houghton receive expert faculty instruction backed up by years of real-world experience in marketing, public relations, advertising, management, human resources, leadership, accounting, finance, law, entrepreneurism, small-business management, profit and not-for-profit experience. This, matched with the practical nature of upper-level business courses, accounts for the exceptional and consistent results within the department.

Students that participated in the testing this year were: Alyssa Acomb, William Adams, Michael Amico, Susanne Black, Anastasiya Bogatova, Kendra Brown, Jessica Coates, Chris Confair, Jody Crikelair, Amy Dial, Katelyn French, Shawn Gillis, Amara Graham, Katelyn Hodgkins, Laura Kageruka, Dan Larson, Kimberly Lockard, Mitchell Matson, Kimberly Michlich, Sergio Nalvarte, Peter Newcombe, Mark O’Brien, Justin Peck, Austin Rudd, Seth Shay, Jonathan Smith, Lauren Stabley, Lauren Tousley and Andrea Ypma.