Department Chair of Business & Economics, Ken Bates teaching a business class.
Department Chair of Business & Economics, Ken Bates teaching a business class.
Author: Danielle Brenon
Date: May 11, 2012
Categories: Academics
Twenty-three senior business majors at Houghton College have scored in the top 3 percent in a nationally administered test designed to examine their
knowledge in the field of business. Houghton business students have traditionally scored in the top 5-10 percent nationally, and this top-three percentile 
marks their best performance since the test began being administered in 2003.

The Business Major Field Test was administered at 438 institutions to nearly 33,000 undergraduate students. It is intended to compare the skills and knowledge of the brightest business students at each school to those at similar institutions, in order to improve instruction and learning.

The questions on the exam span the full scope of business and include areas such as accounting, finance, marketing, management and global business issues. At Houghton, the test is also used to calculate 10 percent of a student’s grade for his or her senior business course.

Business students at Houghton receive expert faculty instruction backed up by years of real-world experience in marketing, public relations, advertising, management, human resources, leadership, accounting, finance, law, entrepreneurism, small business management, profit and not-for-profit experience. This, matched with the practical nature of upper-level business courses, accounts for the exceptional and consistent results within the department.

“Our students are involved in a large amount of hands-on, roll-your-sleeves-up kinds of learning opportunities,” said Ken Bates, chair of the business and economics department at Houghton. “These occur when managing the investments of a quarter- million-dollar real money portfolio in our Investment Center or when managing one of the eight real businesses started by our Houghton Student Enterprises group.”

Recently, a group of senior business majors also completed a strategic assessment of Paychex, a Fortune 1000 company, and presented recommendations to their CFO at their corporate headquarters.

“The Houghton business and accounting programs attract high quality students, they receive high quality instruction from faculty in the department, and they work diligently to succeed,” said Richard Halberg, professor of business.

In years past, Houghton has compared itself with 20 selected schools in the CCCU, including Wheaton College, Grove City University and Taylor University. This year is no exception as Houghton has ranked in the top 5 percent of these schools.