Houghton College senior Anna Coryell
Houghton College senior Anna Coryell
Author: Evan Szymanski
Date: May 5, 2016
Date: May 5, 2016
Categories: Business

This summer, rising Houghton College senior Anna Coryell has been invited to the Values & Capitalism Summer Honors Program (VCSHP) in Washington, D.C. Participation in the conference is by invitation only, and only around 25 students are chosen from across the nation.

“We’re so excited that Anna has been invited to participate in this prestigious program,” said Professor Ken Bates, chair of the department of business and economics. “It’s well deserved and couldn’t be more timely a topic during this election year.”

Coryell has elected to be admitted into a course on “Christianity and Politics,” led by Amy Black, which will take place over four days. Discussion will cover how the Anabaptist, Lutheran, Reformed, Catholic and African American churches view the role of the government and whether or not Christians should involve themselves in discussions of policy.

The VCSHP offers three other courses as well in topics such as microfinance, poverty and welfare, and the morality of commercial society and is sponsored by the American Enterprise Institute.

Houghton business students also recently traveled to Omaha, Neb., to compete in the 2016 Case Competition and Career Summit. They were tasked with producing solutions to real-life human resources situations and ended up tying for seventh place in a field mostly populated by much larger universities.

The competition consisted of presenting pre-written summaries and a 15-minute oral presentation, after which a panel of judges grilled the participants with further questions.

Houghton’s team presented solutions for Frostburg Fit, a non-profit recreational center. The center was founded in 1993 in a small town in Minnesota and had expanded into a multi-faceted non-profit fitness center with 28 full-time employees and 43 part-time employees. While having a strong culture emphasizing the community, the business was struggling with side effects of rapid growth. Recently, scheduling at Frostburg Fit had been unreliable, and as a result, the center is likely losing profit with the increase of dissatisfied members. 

“This year’s team was one of the best ever fielded by Houghton,” said Professor Kenneth Bates, chair of the department of business & economics. “Their recommendations were extremely well crafted, reflecting a balanced and wise solution to this year’s case.”

The team comprised Julia Bontempo ’17, Ryan Buckley ’16, Lucas DeBoer ’16, Ryan Hartzell ’16 and Sarah Schwec ’16.

The Case Competition and Career Summit is a yearly event that Houghton business students attend. For more information about studying business at Houghton, visit www.houghton.edu/business.