Author: Christy Windhausen
Categories: Bible|Theology

Houghton College recently received approval from the New York State Department of Education for a new Theology major offered as a Bachelor of Science or a Bachelor of Art degree.

“Houghton currently offers a Christian Formation major, but we feel the added focus on Theology will strengthen Houghton’s ministry department as it will allow for course work to be delivered more efficiently,” commented Dr. Michael Walters, the associate dean for Biblical Studies and Theology.

All students within the ministry department will be trained alike in foundational areas.

“[This major] provides a tried and true platform from which students can zero in on other forms of ministry,” states Dr. Walters.

Houghton created the Theology major in hopes of being accessible to all students. The marketing campaign for the new major is, Theology And…; the biblical studies department is hopeful that students from varying majors will be drawn to this field of study and pair it as a double major.

“It provides the opportunity for students who have other primary majors to be equipped with Biblical and theological content enabling them to be more effective through their faith as they pursue their chosen vocational dreams,” states Walters.

The Theology major is comprised of 30 credit hours, 18 of which consist of core courses; such as spiritual formation, systematic theology and the history of Christianity. Students will take eight hours in Bible courses such as Biblical interpretation, theology of the Old Testament, or theology of the New Testament.

“We want to enable students to answer the deepest sense of call in their lives, no matter what that is,” said Walters. “Ministry involves every Christian, and our world calls for men and women sufficiently trained to serve God in a variety of places and vocations.”